Building on our Strengths

So what do we do with 45,000 square feet in the East wing? You’ve been suggesting that the Heidrick Ag History Center:

  • Attract visitors through hands-on displays with moving parts and operating motors
  • Create interactive and educational kids’ activities, such as Ag-tech displays
  • Establish renewable energy and educational food displays
  • Rotate art exhibits, auctions and opening events
  • Showcase old and new collections in the same area, such as a tractor-pull; and use the ACMAC trailer as a mobile exhibit
  • Rotate collections that showcase out of house displays, new tractors from local dealers, and hot rods that can be tied into the gift shop, events and sponsors
  • Continue to help us find funding, volunteers and docents

ag vehicle banner

We’ve been talking with many of you about this topic and how we will raise the resources to support the East wing. Ideas are being bounced around, such as renewable energy displays, rotating art exhibits, auctions, opening events, and a picture wall that would showcase local farming families. People like the idea of the museum as a place for people to gather and to learn about the culture of agriculture through interactive displays. Food education exhibits have also been discussed, including displays that could feature dairy, wheat and even a tomato display where you could make your own pizza! With so many thoughts and opinions, people still agree that the East wing should feature rotating collections with artifacts and hands-on displays never before seen at the Heidrick Ag History Center.

We invite you to continue to tell us how you can help make a difference!


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