Heidrick Ag History Center Celebrates Halloween

The Heidrick Ag History Center celebrated Halloween this past Saturday with our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Smash Bash Event! With the Center’s breathtaking collection setting the stage, costumed attendees featuring the likes of vampires, pilots and pirates, partook in smashing pumpkins, eating scrumptious BBQ and tasting delicious local brews while having a smashing good time! The evening’s festivities also included a costume contest, a raffle giveaway and of course the namesake pumpkin smashing contest. In addition to gift cards to some of the area’s best local venues, winners also received unique prizes such as a giant pumpkin that weighs around 400 lbs. and the chance to chuck pumpkins out of a helicopter as shown on Good Day Sacramento! Like last year, this year’s Pumpkin Smash Bash was fantastic thanks to all the enthusiastic patrons, as well as the generous donors and sponsors. However, let’s not forget all the wonderful volunteers and staff. If you missed out on all the action this year, be sure to join us next year when we roll out the bold ideas we’re planning for our annual events. We would also love to hear your suggestions for next year’s event. Tell us on Facebook at facebook.com/Heidrick.Ag or on our website at aghistory.org.  Happy Halloween, everyone!



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