The Land Series Oil Paintings on Display Starting June 9th at the Ag Museum, Purchase Gala Tickets Now!

Tractor Amalgam,  60" x 72"  Oil, Acrylic, Digital C-Print and Graphite  2015

Tractor Amalgam, 60″ x 72″ Oil, Acrylic, Digital C-Print and Graphite 2015

The California Agriculture Museum will feature the solo artist oil painting exhibition, “The Land Series,” by Sacramento artist, Jeff Myers, beginning with their wine and dine reception on Tuesday, June 9th from 5:30-8:30 PM.

In a notable advancement of his style, Myers will be debuting a large piece called “Tractor Amalgam” that combines his “Body Environment Series” photography with oil painting.

In this painted collage the central motif is the Tractor.  However, upon closer viewing, you will see many embedded human figures supporting the Tractor form.  Myers states, “I am interested in human consciousness’ verses what might be called ‘machine consciousness’ and how they interrelate.  In this piece I want to create a Tractor that feels more organically alive while pointing to future questions of artificial intelligence.”

The exhibit will be on display until August 4th at 1962 Hays Lane, Woodland, CA

Purchase your tickets to the museum event at

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